The liyan entrepreneurship counseling center, backed by several years of its establishment  and cooperating with powerful provincial forces, has started its activities in counseling, empowerment and entrepreneurship with the official license of the General Directorate of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Affairs in 1396. The main goal of this center is to assist the country’s “economic and social development” by implementing empowerment plans and providing expert advice on applied knowledge and innovation to applicants for the creation and development of economic enterprises.


جشنواره بادام و گردو لنجان باغبادران
Finished Projects
Kara System Registeration
Business Plans
  • Managing Director of Liyan Entrepreneurship Advisory Center
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rosh-e-Pars Co. (Service Suite and Fuel Station)
  • Vice-President of Consulting Engineers, Architect and Urban Designer Faraz
  • Deputy Chairman of Azin Sazeh Company (Specialist of Steplopark Concrete)
  • The former head of the board of the company Knowledge Base of Concrete Wave (production of concrete prefabricated parts)
  • Translation of the design and planning of academic spaces (in print)
  • The book should not be compiled by small and entrepreneurial businesses, Neda Mousavi, Seyed Saeed Miroohedi, Tehran Marketing Publishers (1395)
  • Join the Inventor Association
  • Covered by the Elite Foundation of Isfahan Province
  • Member of Isfahan Engineering Organization Building Organization (two monitoring and implementation base)
  • Member of the Academic Council and the think tank of the Women’s Aunt’s Office (Isfahan Municipality)
  • Former member of the board of directors and chairman of the Employment and Investment Committee of the Youth Advisory Council of Isfahan Governorate
  • Achieving the third position of the country at the International Institute of Concrete (ACI) competitions of the Iranian branch in the section “Concrete Protective Frame” (2008)
    The National Elite Foundation’s National Selection Project at the Third National Festival of Innovation and Flourishing of the Islamic Revolution Fajr (2010)
    Patent of color concrete production using colored aggregates (2010)
    Multipurpose toothpaste patent in separate packages (2011)
    Selected Design of the 12th Exhibition of Research and Technology Achievements of the Ministry of Science and Research (2011)
    The best researcher of Isfahan province in the year of production and support of work and national capital (2012)
    Entrepreneur of the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee (RA) (1392)
    Second place in the companies of the growth center of Isfahan Research Township, between one and two years of establishment (1392)
    The special appreciation of the research and development city of Isfahan province in the field of technical knowledge sales value of 17,000,000,000 Rials and attracting investors (1392)
    Selected speeches at the ceremony of the Supreme Leader of the National Conference of the Elite in 1395 (joint project with Dr. Davarpanah)
    The book should not be compiled by small and entrepreneurial businesses, Neda Mousavi, Seyed Saeed Miroohedi, Tehran Marketing Publishers (1395)


Yashar Mohammadkelasi

Yashar Mohammadkelasi

Consultant and The Chairman Of The Board

نازنین کوهی

Nazanin Kouhi

Executive director

مهرداد غدیریان

Mehrdad Ghadirian

Financial manager

زهرا کریمی

Zahra Karimi

Project adviser

مینا جلوانی

Mina Jelvani

Project adviser

شهلا جبارزارع

Shahla Jabarzare

Social secretary

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