Enterpreneurship Loan Consultation

If you are an entrepreneur who needs capital to set up or develop your business, you can use a special bank loan system. The system has provided the possibility of obtaining employment loans for entrepreneurs and investors. In this system, there is a possibility to register for natural and legal persons, but the priority is to get a loan from a group that welcomes collective work and present their designs in the form of special joint stock companies and cooperatives. The Ministry of Labor also provided training opportunities for young and graduate students through technical and vocational training.

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At first, you should enter your personal information and then upload summary of your business plan. After revising experts, entrepreneurship loan will be given you. Rural business loan with special conditions are given to rural entrepreneurs in order to reviving rural areas and creating job.

Business Plan

In the present day, with global communication and the advent of technology in various areas, but inseparable from business, the need for a well-defined and pre-defined program for all managers and business owners is highly felt before anything can be done. Since the launch of a business with a lot of risks, including financial risks, human risks, time risks, etc., the need for accurate planning is also much more serious and more complex at the beginning of the launch of a new business.
In the same vein, the business plan and justification plan are used as tools for feasibility study of idea implementation and business start-ups. For more information on how to draft a justification (FS) or business plan (BP) and the results of applying it to your business, our consultants at The liyan Entrepreneurship Counseling Center are telephonizing and presenting you. After a free consultation session, if you wish, the experts of the center will write down some of your initial information. It should be noted that the time and cost of writing a justification plan depends on the features of the project and the consultants after the initial meeting and familiarity with the features of the project can provide an appropriate estimate of it.

At this point, feasibility study and business plan are as powerful tools for starting a new business. Answering to the two below questions is the purpose of these tools:

  • Does the idea have the executive capability? Why?
  • Does the idea have financial affordability? Why?

However the questions are simple, the answers aren’t, because you should study all aspects of a business such as customers, competitors, technical and financial features. Therefore, in order to predict future challenges, it is necessary to study these items before starting a new business.

درخواست نوشتن بیزینس مدل

Business Plans Written at Liyan Entrepreneurship Counseling Center

Carpet weaving workshop Dental Clinic Saffron cultivation
Food industry Rural tourism Flower cultivation of Mohammadi
Weaving Giveh stone cutting Integrated Welfare Services
Printing and packaging Production of bolts and nuts Forty pieces of embroidery
Eco tourism placement Valves production Handicrafts production
Wire and cable production Contractor’s affairs Rural restaurant
Traditional accommodation and dining room Women’s Specialist Clinic Rural Sanctuary
Sport Club Handicrafts Golab production (Rose water)
honey production health tourism Coffee factory
Clean electricity generation silverware Apple Toffee
gas station Breeding horse Apple vinegar
Chile’s Chilean production Urban lighting elements Apple sauce
Hospital Breeding scorpions Apple Concentrate
Sports club and pool Ice cream factory Dairy factory