Entrepreneurship Counseling

Have you ever encountered problems managing your business? Who do you recommend to solve your challenges?
All of us in life need to consult and use the experience and information of others, in some cases, the views and information of others can be so effective as to dissuade us from making some serious decisions or to encourage some actions. This is where the importance of choosing a consultant becomes clear. It’s the same in launch and managing a business. A misconception and non-expert opinion can give you the opportunity to invest fantastically, or suggest an inappropriate way to manage human resources. Perhaps one of the most prestigious sources of business consulting can be seen from entrepreneurs who have faced different challenges. So they can provide executive solutions based on their experience. The liyan Entrepreneurship Counseling Center, using its Founders experiences and provide executive solutions and put you in the way to launch and manage your personal business.

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Brand Registration Counseling

Brand can be a symbol of the identity of a particular company or product, so designing a brand is important. By registering your brand you can use Copyright and abusive practices. In today’s competitive world, which companies are looking to gain and increase their market share, the value of brand registration has become more and more clear to everybody.
Liyan has already record five commercial brands in various fields of handicrafts, hygiene, manufacturing, and so on.

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Patent Counseling

In the lives of many people, there are moments in which a person is confronted with unique ideas for the production of a device or commodity, but easily overpasses it and overlooks it. Imagine if any one of us had an idea of ​​producing a product or providing a small, simple service, the tools and facilities of life would be simpler and more inclusive. Therefore, we suggest you to file a patent with Liyan Patent experts. The liyan Entrepreneurship Counseling Center helps many inventors for Patent registration.

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