Women’s Empowerment

One of the most important criteria for evaluation the development of a country is to measure the importance and partnership of women’s in that country. Women as active and constructive forces can have a great influence on the social and economic development of each country and have a significant impact on the development of the next generation and shaping the cultural factors of society. Therefore, women empowerment is one of the key purpose of Liyan Entrepreneurship Center, and in pursuing various projects, as a member of the scientifin cooperation with thc Committee and think tank of the Women’s Center of Isfahan, ie Center, many training courses are devoted to women’s empowerment and Preparation for the Entrepreneurs’ Ladies. Also, the liyan entrepreneurship center presented the project “Protecting Iranian Goods from Women’s Village Entrepreneurship” to the Women’s Affairs Office of the Governorate of Isfahan.

Entrepreneurial Training Evens

Entrepreneurial training events have different types and usually they are held from a few hours to several days. Some of them hold as group meeting in order to transfer experiences, networking, idealization and their assessment. Some others contain a game structure by working on ideas to create a business. Also, entrepreneurial visiting can help to increase knowledge of business conditions. Liyan can hold variety of these events. For example, entrepreneurial training event in Sivar and Aliabad village that we classified rural people and worked on their Socio-economic ideas.

Rural Development Projects

The culture, products and tourist attractions of the villages of Iran, have made them rich resources for business and entrepreneurship. It is only necessary to identify these potentials and capabilities and take the necessary measures to exploit them. The potentials that are sometimes indifferent to the people themselves and are unaware of the value of their cultural and native treasures. Therefore, active economic and entrepreneurial assemblies are needed to identify and exploit these potentials and revive villages. liyan Entrepreneurship Counseling Center has also identified business opportunities in the studied villages and has implemented them by defining their value added and acquiring the potential of the village.

Entrepreneurship Workshops

Darren Hardy (publisher of SUCCESS magazine and the author of “The Compound Effect” book which has translated more than 20 languages and has sold millions of it) believes that people should allocate 10% of their income for training and education. Because they invest on themselves and they will be able to develop their knowledge, skills and empowerment.

  • Time management
  • Writing professional CV
  • Mistakes of Business
  • EQ in Business
  • Self Confidence in Business
  • Problem Solution and Decision making
  • Rhetorical and Negotiation in Business
  • Creativity and Ideation in Business
  • Insurance Laws and Regulations
  • Creative Human Resource Management
  • Marketing and Sales Management
  • Writing Business Plan
  • Business Models
  • Marketing Research Technique
  • Recruitment and Interview Technique
  • Familiarity with The Laws of Labor Organization and Taxes
  • Customer Relationship Service (CRM)
  • Mistakes of Business, Educational Complex of Sobhan Rayan
  • The 9th project of empowerment “mistakes of business”
  • Mistakes of Business, Esfahan Technical and Vocational Training Organization