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Development plan of Sivar and Aliabad villages

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Project Introduction

The Sivar and AliAbad Villages Development Project, in collaboration with Rural municipality in the winter of 2018, began. In this project, the executive team, after visiting several villages and identifying its capacities and potential, planned to address the complications and formulate a justification plan for the proposed projects.

The project consists of four phases:

1. Identify the current status of the village.

2. Village assessment.

3. Reconstruction and provision of solutions.

4. Village empowerment and empowerment.

Project Output

  • Entrepreneurship workshops
  • Alternative cultivation of saffron and flower of Mohammadi
  • Revitalization of Giveh and Creation of Giveh
  • handicraft brand ketaneh & and special design of Chehel Tikhe and keten
  • Providing a construction template to maintain the traditional texture of the village of Sivar & AliAbad
  • Preparation of Apple toffee without Sugar as One of the Apple Products
  • Identify and write a Eco Tourism plan and obtain a license for several homes
  • Recycling training and implementation of recycling (Introducing the village of Sivar and AliAbad as a clean village)
  • Writing BP of Giveh, Saffron, Flowering Mohammadi, Golab, Chehel Tikhe, Eco Tourism, Rural Restaurant, Rural Coffee Shop, Apple toffee, Apple Sauce, Apple Vinegar


  • Asghar Salimi, Semirom member of the parliament in the Islamic Consultative Assembly
  • Saeed Ansari, General Manager of Rural Affairs of Isfahan Governorate
  • Soheila Esna Asharan, Director General for Women and Family Affairs of Isfahan Governorate
  • Mohammad Jafarzadeh Ghahdarijani, Governor of Semirom
  • Mohammad Reza Asgharian, Deputy Governor of Semirom
  • Alireza Ashtari Prefecture of Padova
  • Sajjad Afshari, Head of the Department of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Semirom
  • Rouhollah Afsharian, Head of the Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards of Semirom
  • Ahmad Teymouri, Director of Agricultural Jihad in Semirom
  • Dr Farhadi, head of the Agricultural Jihad Research Organization
  • Mahdi Darabin, Rural municipalitor of of Sivar and AliAbad
  • Members of the Council of Sivar and Aliabad Villages

Project Name

Development plan of Sivar and Aliabad villages


Rural municipality of Sivar & AliAbad

Project Time

March- September, 2018

Employer's Requests

Identify the existing potential of the region and provide a solution for the cultural, economic and social development of the village