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Sadighin Charity Business Clinic 2018

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  • توانمند سازی بانوان صدیقین 97-1
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Project Introduction

The liyan Entrepreneurship Counseling Center, in collaboration with Charity Sadighin, as a series aimed at empowering women-headed households in terms of biological, economic, cultural and social, implements the women’s empowerment project for the head of household, which includes the following 5 phases:

1. Tracking and motivating (holding incentive workshops and entrepreneurial team counseling)

2. Prepare entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship advisory workshops

3. Conducting a General Workshop on Entrepreneurship

4. Conduct an Entrepreneurship Workshop and Targeted Visits

5. Holding an event and exhibition

Project Output

Under Construction

Project Name

Sadighin Charity Business Clinic 2018


Charity of Sadighin Isfahan Province

Project Time

April, 2018- March, 2019

Employer's Requests

Empowering Female Heads of the Household