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Women’s Economic supporters Workshop

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Project Introduction

The liyan Entrepreneurship Counseling Center, with the aim of women’s empowerment and empowerment, designed and implemented a special women’s event in collaboration with the Women’s Office of the Municipality of Isfahan and Dr. Zahra Davar Panah in September 2016. During this period, about 200 women employees and mentors from the municipality of Isfahan were present and benefited from the educational content of the workshop.

Project Output

The holding of Women’s Economic supporters Workshop in four areas includes:

  • Life is worthy
  • Woman Entrepreneur and Business Nonsense
  • The role of women in welfare and school is wealthy
  • The unique experience of being a woman


  • Iran’s National Elites Foundation-Isfahan Branch
  • Isfahan city hall
  • Aftab Ladies Sunbathing Office of Municipality of isfahan

Project Name

Women’s Economic supporters Workshop


Aftab Ladies Sunbathing Office of Municipality of isfahan

Project Time

September, 2016

Employer's Requests

Designing and holding a Women's Economic supporters Workshop