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مشاوره استارتاپ

The Importance of Startups in Economic Development


Innovative human capital is one of the most basic infrastructures of knowledge-based entrepreneurship, which should be considered as the largest and most valuable asset of each region. Startups play an unmistakable role in the growth and development of societies in the current world. The creation of thought, entrepreneurship, the growth of the tourism industry, the diverse new business, innovative technologies and the emergence of a new economy based on it, is a turning point in the economy, which has opened a new window for developed and developing countries, Can benefit from development in the field of knowledge-based economics. Successful entrepreneurial experiences can help startups at different stages of their life; for example, these experiences can facilitate the process of familiarizing with the market and recognizing the customer.

Consulting funding startups


Looking at the growing global investment in startups over the past two decades, one can say that one of the most important pillars of the entrepreneurial, capital, and the existence of investment institutions and institutions, which has an important psychological and operational role in the formation, growth And the success of new businesses. In terms of launching a startup economically, the best option is the presence of a large investor, in which case the entrepreneur’s imagination will be ease of funding, but experience has shown that most of the startups that started with personal investment Will succeed sooner. As long as the main idea is raw and the business situation has not reached the appropriate level, the investor does not have a high incentive to invest. Therefore, Lian’s Entrepreneurship Advice Center is seeking advisory services for entrepreneurship and patent counseling, individuals and businesses. Accomplish work with the potential and at the right time introduces the partner’s investor.

مشاوره تامین سرمایه استارتاپ‎ها

Maryam Aminoroaya

Ph.D. in Petrology from Tehran University, Member of the Mining Engineering Organization of Isfahan Province, University lecturer, Managing and running porphyry copper mine Zafarghand, Chairman of the Board of Knowledge of Fatek Co. The Lian Entrepreneurship Advisory Center, managed by Ms. Mousavi, is an active and successful group in the field of business and support and effective support in the field of women’s activities.

Manse Gallery

گالری مانسه

Manseh Art Gallery with the aim of training, ordering and producing special artistic works with innovation and creativity was established in 1396 with the management of Samaneh Omidzad. With the ability and knowledge of the academy, this collection helps students to grow and empower and, with the goal of entrepreneurship, brings talented members to their best in their own right. Familiarity with Lian’s consulting suite as well as Mrs. Mousavi’s staff is a boon and a stepping stone for the Mansex series.